The Beam launches Quarterly Bike Hub Event

The Beam has partnered with Bike4Health to launch its seasonal pop-up cycle hub encouraging employees working in the building to cycle to work.

The on-site Travel Advisor offers information, guidance and incentives to employees in The Beam looking to switch from their current work commute method, such as the car – ultimately promoting cycling as an accessible and safe form of travel into the city centre.

An impressive number of employees turned out for the launch on 6 August last year, where advice was provided on everything from bike maintenance to route planning and Sunderland City Council were also on hand to give out freebies and advice about local cycle routes and events across the city.

Bike4Health carried out 15 free bike health checks and The Beam provided a free breakfast to anyone who cycled into work that day as it also co-incided with National Cycle to Work Day.

The Beam’s Travel and Tenant Advisor said: “We’re thrilled with the interest we received at the event and it was great to chat to people working in the building and find out about their experiences of cycling to The Beam for the first time.

“It’s really important for us to get across the message that it’s an easy, stress-free travel option that can be a cheaper and quicker alternative to taking the car to work – especially for those living within five or six miles of the city centre. We also want to dispel the preconceptions that you have to be an experienced cyclist or be head-to-toe in lycra to be able to get started.”

Bike4Health Workshop Manager, Dan Wills, said, “It’s fantastic to work with The Beam to offer this service to staff on site. We are seeing a sharp increase in the number of people wanting to cycle to work, but there are still certain barriers that make it too difficult for some. That’s why we’re here, enabling people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys.

Laura concluded: “Encouraging more park employees to cycle to work is on our sustainability agenda, ties in with Sunderland City Council’s City Plan and we’re sure the Bike Hub will do much by way of appealing to a wider audience. We’ve also engaged tenants to ensure they support their employees who cycle to work by highlighting the fantastic cycle facilities and showers in the building and providing regular incentives to staff, helping us to achieve this long-term aim.”

The Bike Hub will continue as a pop up event once a quarter featuring free bike servicing, bikers breakfasts and cycling yoga sessions. Wednesday 21 April 8am -2pm is the next scheduled event.