Ocado Customer Hub in Sunderland celebrates their LGBTQ+ family

The Ocado motto is ‘Our Community, My Family, Your Customer’ and celebrating LGBT+ within the workplace is very important to them.

The Ocado Customer Hub at The Beam organised a week of events in June focused around two key vehicles.

The first was daily special editions of the office newsletter. Each edition focused on a specific theme that is important to LGBTQ+ community told through the stories of colleagues.

The second was an in-office celebration with flags, food, quizzes, temporary tattoos, and a visit from a local drag act who also works in the Ocado Customer Hub.

Senior People Development and Quality Manager, Danny Ward said

“The aim of the event was to show our solidarity to our colleagues and the Sunderland LGBTQ+ community in the fight against homophobia and transphobia rather than a repetition of the usual historical talking points. It was really nice that during the day a number of staff either spoke to me in person or posted on their social media about how happy they were to work for an employer that openly supported Pride”.