Sunderland is a city rapidly undergoing transformation, with more than £1.5 billion of investment planned ahead of 2025. With a thriving cultural offer and an outstanding natural environment, the city provides an exceptional quality of life that is affordable for everyone.

Located in North East England, on the banks of the River Wear, with an impressive coastline and beautiful international Blue Flag status beaches; Sunderland is a rare place – a city by the sea, a city with high quality green spaces and great parks and fine heritage buildings, galleries and museums.

It is also a city of surprises. From a secret tunnel under the sea and a Greek temple, to a great seat of learning in early Christianity and – in Washington – the ancestral home of the first President of the United States.

Sunderland’s communities are enhanced by diversity as is the economy – Sunderland is a city built on international foundations, with major businesses from around the world choosing to make it home. From coal mining to car manufacturing and shipbuilding to software: the city has a vibrant economy that is driven by innovation.

Our international links are strong. Sunderland is the only non-capital city to have a friendship agreement with Washington DC. It also has a friendship agreement with Harbin in Northeast China, as well as active connections with our European twin-towns Essen and Saint Nazaire.

Sunderland is undergoing resurgence, from a great industrial 20th century town to a prosperous and creative 21st century city that’s now home to over 80 global companies, from software specialists to world leaders in electric vehicles. More than £1.5billion of investment is transforming Sunderland, from the iconic bridge Northern Spire, to Riverside Sunderland and its first new building, The Beam one of the city’s most prominent sites at the heart of the city centre.

Of course, the city’s economic revival has been bolstered by the ‘can do’ attitude that comes naturally to people from Sunderland – that steely determination to get things done, hardworking people who make products the world wants, and who have the skills and creativity to innovate too.

A world class university with world leading facilities and teaching. Expanding, award-winning College and with 86 per cent of city schools with an Ofsted rating of good or outstanding.

With a total population of 277,249 and a talent pool of 1.2 million people living within a 10 mile radius of the city.